Honda Car Lease Options

Driving a brand-new Honda brings power, comfort and style to the road. You know this since you've been driving one of our luxury SUVs, pickup trucks or sedans during your Honda lease term. One of the most common questions we receive, though, revolves around what to do when your car lease ends. At White's Auto Mall Honda, we are here to help you explore the lease-end options available. 

Lease a New Honda

If you are ready to turn over the keys and lease a new Honda, our client advisors are here to help you. We recommend that you start researching the latest models six months before your existing Honda lease expires. Schedule a test drive at White's Auto Mall Honda to see our available inventory. Then, two to three months before your Honda lease ends, contact the Lease Maturity Center to review the process for returning your vehicle and leasing a new Honda. Schedule an inspection visit and then one week prior to the end of your Honda lease, make an appointment to return your existing leased vehicle.  

You will need to have the following items ready to return your Honda lease:

  • Keys to the Vehicle
  • Maintenance Records and Owner's Manual
  • Vehicle Inspection Report
  • Receipt for Necessary Completed Repairs
  • Vehicle Return Receipt

Once the process of returning your leased Honda vehicle is complete, the team at White's Auto Mall Honda will begin processing your new Honda lease based on the vehicle you have chosen.

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Extend a Honda Lease or Purchase

If you want to keep leasing your vehicle, you have the option to extend your Honda lease by purchasing additional miles. This option varies based on your car lease terms or the model of the vehicle. Timing is important when choosing to extend a Honda lease. Contact the team at White's Auto Mall Honda before your Honda lease expires for more information. 

You also have the option to purchase your existing leased Honda. One popular lease-end option is to purchase the vehicle once your Honda lease terms have expired. We recommend scheduling an appointment with our finance team and service advisors to see if you're eligible to purchase the vehicle you have been leasing. Once eligibility is determined, our certified technicians will thoroughly inspect the vehicle while our finance team processes paperwork so you can keep your leased Honda vehicle long term. 

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Return Your Honda

If your car lease is about to expire and you don't plan to extend the lease or purchase your Honda, you can simply turn over the keys. Your current lease terms require that you return the keys, manuals and accessories provided at the start of your Honda lease. At this time, our service technicians will terminate the Honda lease once the vehicle has been inspected for wear and tear.

When ending your current Honda lease, you'll need to bring in your car lease paperwork. We also encourage you to browse our extensive collection of new, used and certified pre-owned vehicles we have available at our Honda dealership. You also have the option to select a new vehicle for a Honda lease. What makes White's Auto Mall Honda stand out is that we stock our lot and showroom with the latest and greatest Honda models that feature high-end technology, enhanced safety features and high-powered engines and plug-in hybrids. Contact the team at White's Auto Mall Honda to schedule a test drive of our latest models, including the Honda Pilot, Honda Fit, Honda Accord, Honda Ridgeline or Honda CR-V. 

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We know that you have plenty of choices when shopping for a new vehicle to lease. That's why we go above and beyond to present you with the most attractive vehicle options and Honda lease incentives and deals that help you save while driving a vehicle you love. Contact us today to learn more about Honda lease-end options and see how the team at White's Auto Mall Honda is committed to customer satisfaction.